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How to Make Silhouette Objects from PDF Files.

Beginning with Smith Street Designs pattern #9049 Greetings Collection #3, files have been included to cut applique pieces with the Silhouette Cutting Machine.

For patterns #9024 Grandiflora Rose and after (also #5003 Wild!flowers) PDF files to print on fusible web have been included in the patterns.  The good news is that the objects on the PDF  files can be pulled into the Silhouette software in a few easy steps.

Minimum Silhouette software required is Silhouette Designer Edition.

In the Silhouette software:

1.  Open a PDF template file, and import it.

2.  Open the Trace window, select Trace Area, create a bounding box, select Trace Outer Edge and that makes a red outline.  Right click, select "Release Compound Path", delete any extra red lines, move the object to the cutting mat and move the PDF image off the cutting mat.

3.  Select the Replicate window, select the object, and mirror-image right.  Delete the original.  (The PDF file objects were mirror-image from the original design to use with fusible web.)

4.  Copy and paste as many objects as needed.  Select all the objects using the same fabric to determine the size of the fabric.  Cut the fabric at least 1" larger on 2 sides.

Preparing the Fabric to cut on the Silhouette Cutting Machine

1.  Cut the fabric to the size needed.  Spray with Terial Magic and press dry with an iron.

2.  Fuse the double-sided fusible web to the wrong side of the fabric.  Let cool and remove the paper side of the fusible.

3.  On an applique presser sheet, press the fabric again, fusible web side down.  Let cool before removing from the presser sheet.

On the Silhouette Cutting Machine:

Set the cutting depth to 4 if using a normal cotton quilting fabric.  

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